News: One Council Consultation

One Council Consultation

Thursday 24 August, 2017

Dear Partner

Consultation on the Proposal for One Council for South Hams and West Devon

South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council are proposing to set up one new Council for the areas currently served by the two Councils.

The one new Council proposal is one of several measures that the Councils are considering to help close the £1.9m funding gap across both Councils. South Hams and West Devon have a strong history of working together, which has resulted in a shared workforce and has successfully delivered efficiencies in monetary terms (joint savings of £6 million per annum) together with efficiencies in the delivery of services. The financial challenges that the Councils face are a shared challenge, and the clear priority of both Councils is to achieve financial sustainability in order to continue providing services to our local communities; creating a one new Council is the next logical step in this journey.

The Councils are asking residents, businesses and other organisations for their views on the one new Council proposal before we consider sending a final proposal to the Government in autumn 2017. These views are important to us and will help inform our Councillors’ decision on whether to create one new Council.

The details of the proposal, together with a consultation survey can be found on the following website, and we welcome the views of any individuals who are resident in the South Hams and West Devon areas, and invite them to complete the consultation survey on:

We are also formally consulting the views of partnerships, businesses and other organisations within South Hams and West Devon and we would be grateful if you could let us have your organisation’s formal response on:

  • Do you support the proposal of creating one new Council for the West Devon and South Hams areas? (please see the information on )
  • Do you have any other comments, concerns, or alternative ideas to creating one new Council?
Please can you let us have your views by midnight on Sunday 8th October 2017 by replying to the address below or email